Bikaner is completely addressed as the “Camel country” because the city is surrounded by the sand dunes. It is considered to be one of the three destinations in the desert triangle of Rajasthan. The beauty of Junagadh is mesmerizing and it is one of the most important landmarks if the city. Apart from the architectural view, it is also famous for the mouth-watering Bikaneri sweets and fried snacks. The city also hosts the camel festival in the first month of every year which attracts the huge number of tourists.



Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are also the prime attractions of Rajasthan tourism. This vibrant tourist destination must worth a visit once.

Tourist Places in Bikaner :

Junagarh Fort -Visit the insurmountable Junagarh Fort. 37 palaces, pavilions and temples built over the centuries by numerous kings stand inside this stronghold. The fort contains the Prachina Museum’s rich collection of royal costumes, textiles and jewellery. The museum’s fascinating exhibition of royal portraits reveals the evolving cultural practices and styles of the Bikaner court.

Deskhnok or the Rat temple-Here rats are worshipped and revered because it is believed that the presiding goddess reincarnated a group of dead men as rats to deprive Yama, the god of death of souls. You may see thousands of rats all over the temple but there has never been any report of plague or infection caused by the scampering rodents

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