The Maldives is an Islamic republic which lies off the Indian sub-continent. The country is made up of a chain of nearly 1,200 islands, most of them uninhabited. Deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees make Maldives the perfect destination for the tourists. None of the coral islands measures more than 1.8 meter (six feet) above sea level, making the country vulnerable to a rise in sea levels associated with global warming. It is indeed the ideal place to sit on a beach and enjoy a sunset with a cocktail balanced on your hand; it is also a geographical spectacle, knowing that there is thousands of fish swimming around the vivid corals just a few feet away from where you sit. The Maldives’ economy mainly depends upon its tourism and fisheries. Aside from the island capital Male, visitors are only allowed onto populated islands for brief visits, thus limiting their impact on traditional Muslim communities.

The implausible beaches, huge marine life, effortlessly available snorkeling and laid back island surroundings make the Maldives an idyllic spot for a memorable holiday. The weather here is ideal too that adds charm to its ambience. Here, in Maldives, do as little or as much as you like. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment or experience the incredible sunsets whilst enjoying your cocktail. On the other hand, go diving, snorkeling, catamaran sailing; or in fact, take a tour to a closely located inhabited island.

Tourists can enjoy the destination as it offers different kind of water sports activities like snorkeling, diving, night fishing, sunset cruise etc.

Diving in Maldives

The country experiences the huge amount of tourists throughout the year. The warmth of seas has high visibility all the seasons. The sea water is clear enough to see the passing of the fish. Add to that the wonderful formation of over 3000 coral reefs and the free flowing tides of the monsoons. All these have made it the richest diving coral reef areas of the world.

Surfing in Maldives

Dots of emerald green wrapped by dazzling turquoise waters like scattered beads in the ocean; dusty beaches, tall palm trees lean on the sea beaches, white sands giving way to crystal clear waters, turquoise blend flawlessly with deeper hues of blue; pristine coral reefs and some of the most incredible underwater life on our planet can be experienced here. Maldives is a hub for surf-enthusiasts from all over the world. From June to September, the southwest monsoon brings with it huge swells. The lesser-known, but astonishing surf breaks further away from Male’ coral isle can be accessed by specific surf cruises offered by the operators in the country.

The Maldives Honeymoon

Visitors have the chance to spend quality time on scenic beaches, shopping at local markets, indulging in water sports and enjoy the beauty. Honeymoon is the moment of making love; Maldives is the world’s best backdrop for all these intimating moments. There are endless ways to let the magic of the islands dazzle you on your holiday as a couple. A dinner under the stars with the occasional flicker of candle light to bring you back into the real world. Your honeymoon need not be a once in a lifetime experience either. You will relive the honeymoon over and over again, every time you come back to these magical islands.

Spa and wellness

Want to relax and rejuvenate your wellness at the rhythmic waves and soft breeze of Maldives?

Maldives offer perfect gateway in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean. The refreshing air with tranquil water makes the perfect scenario for the visitors to get relaxed during vacations. Traditional healing methods that have been passed on for generations as family secrets by the hakeembe (healing experts), have been incorporated into special spa programs in the Maldivian islands. Relive your life again and add a little spice to it with exciting Maldives holidays.

Sitting on the beach, you can enjoy various uniquely designed couple treatments, individual spa therapies along with number of healing Ayurvedic treatments. You can experience them all within the island’s natural vegetation. Highly qualified spa therapists use a range of natural products to provide a complete and exclusive range of esteemed signature treatments along with rejuvenation and wellness specialties of the county.

Just lying on a an isolated beach of a Maldivian island, taking in nothing but the incessant cadence of the waves, the sea salt in the air and sensation of the soft white sand on your bare feet is gives immense pleasure and sooths your senses. Each and every island in the country with its green vegetation and isolated setting is a natural spa in its own right, designed to pacify, embrace, and heal.

Hotels & Resorts in Maldives

Maldives offers all kind of accommodation from guest house to ultimate luxury resorts & hotels. Visitors can experience the beauty and culture of the Maldives with the best hotels and resorts. Each of the Maldives resort hotel is framed by lush tropical foliage and expansive views of the Indian Ocean. Whether looking for romance or a family adventure, Maldives offer unique atmosphere suited to your needs.