Kerala Tour Packages

No journey is complete if you have not been to Kerala – ‘Gods own Land’. Nestling between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, the land attracted the Arab traders since 7th century until the 16th century when the trade route was taken over by the European traders. A deep impact of European architecture could be seen in various buildings including the churches and old mansions.
In the southwest corner of India, embraced with the Western Ghats is the beautiful state of Kerala engraved with silver beaches, green fields, tranquil backwaters and palm trees.  Green plantation is in abundance, from sea to the entire state; coconut palms stretch to the skies along backwaters concluding in the upward places of hills where tea and coffee plantations nurture the place into denser greens.  There are so many unique attractions in the state that are the only way to experience its rich culture, its history through travelling in the state and explore something new every day. Some of the famous destinations in Kerala are Kochi, Periyar, Kumarakom, Munnar, etc. 

Best Places to Visit in Kerala 


Kochi (Cochin)

Chiese Fishing Nets in Kochi

This place is surrounded with churches, palaces, forts etc.  build by Portuguese and Dutch. St. Francis Church is the oldest European Church in India. It has several antiquities including the wealth of records. It also includes a palm –leaf title deed the local Raja gave the Portuguese in 1503.


Kochi being the centre of trade and commerce, the traces of primitive fishing can be seen at Fort Cochin- the Chinese fishing nets are still very much in use to make sufficient living for the fishermen and attract lot of visitors and locals to buy fresh catch. The Dutch Palace houses the rare wall paintings rising to the zenith of the art depicting the endless stories of Hindu belief. Walking in the old market of Mattancherry Island still take you in the era where the spices are still traded as it was before.




Tea state in Munnar

The exotic place has dense fauna with water valley watered by three rivers. The inclinations that rise out of it were once covered by dense jungles where elephants, and ancient men who built stone burial chambers, once lived. The forest of Munnar is still rich in wildlife and the mountains have now become the producers of tea. Munnar languishes in innocent beauty across mist-laden green hills at a height of about 6,000 ft.  The vistas in and around it are breathtaking with the heady aromas of tea, coffee and cardamom wafting from the nearby plantations.




Country Houseboat

A cluster of small islands on the Vembanad Lake for the village of Kumarakom. It is the best known location to witness the typical rural life of a Keralan village amidst tranquil backwaters, coconuts, authentic Kerala food and the warmth of fresh air. Kumarakom features lots of canals, waterways, lakes decorated with lilies, coconut groves, paddy fields and dense mangrove forests. This enchanting backwater destination in the country offers you a variety of leisure options and enticing activities like boating and fishing.

An appealing little place on the backwaters of Kerala is really a destination which worth a visit. The place lies on the eastern shore of the Vembanad Lake which is a bird sanctuary.  Water fowl, cuckoo and wild duck can be seen in abundance here.


Alleppey (Alappuzha)

Kerala Houseboat

One of those fantastic towns where days can drift away while relaxing. Tranquil backwaters, beaches, and lagoons dominate the landscape here.Alleppey Houseboats offer the best backwater trips in Kerala in their fully maintained and traditionally decorated ambience Paddy fields and coconut palms surround thatch villages interconnected by canals. The highlight for the visitor is a leisurely cruise in a traditional houseboat to observe and understand life in this tropical haven. 


Kerala Backwaters Tours

Kerala is truly a paradise on earth. There is no better way to experience Kerala than with a cruise down the backwaters of Kerala and indulge into the sounds of the rippling waters, which stretch beyond fifteen hundred kilometers.Awaken your senses as the sounds of birds chirping in swaying palm trees nearby takes you into a serene world away from here. The green caret of rice fields pose as the perfect backdrop for locals living on houseboats just off the sandy shores. The backwaters of Kerala are an intricate network of lagoons, lakes, canals, and forty-four rivers running into the Arabian Sea. 

 Best time to Visit Kerala                                 


8 days

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