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In order to increase tourism, India has now opened arms for UK passport holders to apply for Indian e-visa programme. With this latest move introduced from August 15, India’s visa application process is going to be online to save British travellers time as well as money.

Kochi, Kathakali performance: Traditional Indian dance with vibrant costumes and expressive gestures.


The new Indian e-visa application process will take only 5-6 working days for approval and costs 39 pounds (approx. US $60) plus a small admin charge, along with travellers correct documents and photograph. This means only within a month applicants will be able to enter India, soon after visa’s issue date and stay for up to one month. Although visa cannot be extended more than a month, but can be used twice every 12 months.

Restaurant in Maharajas Express: Elegant dining area with luxurious decor, serving delectable cuisine on a moving train.

With this new scheme, UK will be one of the 113 nationalities to enjoy India’s e-tourist visa facilities that too without consulting any outsourced visa processing agency. For more information and to apply for e-tourist visa, you may visit the official website: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html