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Indivine Journeys is an boutique tour operator based in New Delhi specializing  travel destinations in India and neighboring Bhutan , Nepal and Maldives. For us it is essential to be able to draw unique travel experiences that can meet the needs of all types of travelers.

Our Mission
Provide travelers with excellent service is of the highest quality from the first interaction with Indivine Journeys to return home. You can decide and plan your vacation with Travel Consultants experts who are familiar with this country and that will help you and give you tips to create the perfect trip for you.After you have decided which country and which destination to visit, you can leave us the rest of the planning, we will ensure that your trip happens without any worries and we will offer you the best options for your chance to discover and explore the best of this country.

Our expertise and direct local presence allows us not only to plan trips that reflect the needs and expectations of every visitor, but to create an authentic experience that will bring you in contact with a culture and theory behind a unique and fascinating.

Our Vision
Indivine Journeys offers a wide variety of itineraries ranging from cruises in the scenic backwater , a desert tour , holidays in princely palaces , exotic and adventurous travel in nature , trekking on the highest peaks of the world, relax on the beach, etc. so that every trip is created based on your interests and represent a unique and unforgettable experience.We can offer trips from the most luxurious to the most adventurous trips or holidays dedicated to relaxation .Having offices in major cities in India, Maldives, Bhutan and Nepal can we ensure that every trip is realized exactly as it was planned.
Through the use of mobile and interactive technologies, we can get real-time feedback on every aspect of the experience in India of our guests, through a quality control that is one of the best in the industry.
Through the selection of hotels we have personally visited and that offer standard of hygiene and cleanliness comparable with European hotels, using self-comfortable with air conditioning, drivers with highly experienced, professional guides and prepared, we can ensure a high quality travel safely.
Indivine Journeys welcomes every visitor who wishes to discover the beauty and magic of India!

Indivine Journeys Happy Travelers
  •   Hi Zaki,We had an aGillmazing vacation thanks to Indivine Journeys.  I had traveled to India several times and had booked the hotel rooms, drivers, etc. thinking that (1) it would cost us less that way and (2) I would have m...

    Mr. R Gill
  • Zaki, We have just returned to the US yesterday after our wonderful 2.5 weeks in India. The highlight of our trip was definitely our 5 days spent in Rajasthan. Your expert planning, wonderful recommendations, and excellent contacts made everything work out so well. Our driver was very professional and always made us feel safe in the car, both of the tour guides were very knowledgeable and flexi...

    Ms Misty Sidhu
  •   Hi Zaki: salaam . I want to thank you very much for planning an absolute wonderful vacation for my me n my husband, my mother n sister. The golden triangle tour was amazing n our driver and his son were so wonderful. We could...

    Ms Salima Khan & Family
  • Harjit-Tara-SimDear Mr. Zaki, My daughter and I had a great time in India. Guide was extremely helpful in all aspect of handling the travel for us and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you again for setting up the trip for us. I think...

    Harjit Sim
  • David-Kamali-ChanceThank you Mr. Zaki, Happy Holi to all in India. We had a wonderful time in India and we have lots of memories. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail. We look forward to traveling with you again.

    David Chance
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